These policies refer to the privacy practices followed by the Universidade Portucalense and contained in its Information System.
The Universidade Portucalense is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the SIUPT (University Portucalense Information System) in such a way, that it does not collect or make available, any personal information without consent.
All personal data provided via SIUPT will be treated with the commitment that security and confidentiality are guaranteed in the terms legally required.

Who we are

Our website address is:

Security Policy

Confidentiality of personal data:

  • Any personal data provided to us in completing forms on this site are the only ones necessary for the identification of your user;
  • It’s treatment is our responsibility and the subscriber has the right to access them, and may subscribe to the request for correction and deletion of incorrectly collected data, to that effect.

Data Privacy

The information collected will only be handled by the specific services that need access to it. All information will be used exclusively for the purposes expressed in the respective forms, according to the GDPR. This site uses cookies to perform better and measure performance.

Technical information regarding visits to the SIUPT is recorded on UPT’s servers. As well as information that can be used to identify visitors to the site and thus make the data processing with security and privacy guarantee. The registered technical information is limited to the following items:

  • The IP address of the user;
  • The type of browser used as well as its operating system;
  • The date and time of access;
  • The pages visited and the downloaded documents.

The technical information will be used only for statistical purposes.

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